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You owe it to yourself to Get that Job!

No matter why you are seeking a more challenging role or a new opportunity to focus the skills, knowledge and experience which you have gained, in this highly specialised area Better Job Scotland's programmes are totally tailored to each client's individual requirements.

The solutions provided are guaranteed to be the most cost effective anywhere and delivered with totally professional commitment, drive and enthusiasm.  Hundreds have already benefited from the unique added value provided.

The superb cvs developed for clients are marketing documents which provide the passport to their next career move while  whatever additional support is required is also available.

For corporate clients comprehensive programmes are regularly developed and delivered to meet redundancy needs.

Alastair McFarlane, the Company's lead consultant, as a Companion of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development is the best qualified HR Consultant operating in Scotland with his Company being the longest established in Scotland specialising in this area.

Why not go for best? Why not Get that Job?  A small investment in your personal development is likely to pay  amazing dividends. Why not share you situation by making contact with:

Better Job Scotland, 25 Borden Road, Glasgow G13 1RB

Tel: 0141 959 6871 Mobile: 07730 431 507

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Professional HR Services
25 Borden Road Glasgow G13 1RB
T: 0141 959 6871 M: 07730 431 507